Happy 4th! Celebrate freedom today! Don't let fear control your future

Here's a story. It comes from my past. I do not share this with everyone. But today I realized that it is silly to hold on to memories.

 I hope you enjoy.

One day a kid was chasing another for fun. The game was called "guards and thieves".

They jumped over a fence and a huge german shepherd jumped on one of the kids. The dog pushed the kid to the ground, its paws were on the kids shoulders and his teeth were salivating over the terrified boy's face. For the first time the boy experienced fear.

 The kid was paralyzed over the floor in silence but in his head he was screaming: "Please don't kill me I don't want to hurt you! Somebody save me! Please!"
The owner came out and "saved" the kid. The kid could not say anything. He was grateful.

That night the kid was alone with his sister. His father was gone and the mother was not there. It was a dark room. So dark it did not make any difference having your eyes open or closed.

The sister whispered: "I am scared"

The brother replied:" Don't be. I am here and I will make sure you are safe" In reality the kid was scared to. But he could not tell his sister. It made no sense to be both scared. At least one is going to feel safe. 

In his mind the memory of the dog's teeth blended with his imagination and a wolf with scary teeth was watching him ready to attack. He could not say anything. He did not want the sister to be afraid. The room was so dark that it did not matter if his eyes were open or close. The imagination of the kid was a powerful and vivid one. He knew that if he fell asleep the wolf could eat him. And after him it could hurt his sister. The kid decided to stay awake and in his mind prayed for the wolf to not hurt them.

But every morning a ray of light would come into that room and scare the wolf away. So much joy for the kid to see the wolf gone... and also to see his little sister wake up unharmed. With a smile he would say: "Good morning!"

The boy kept doing this every night. Till he got a little bit less scared of the wolf.

One night he was so tired that he screamed to the wolf in his mind: "GO AWAY!"

The wolf fled under his bed and the kid was surprised understanding that the wolf did what he wanted! So he decided to feed the wolf because he realized that the wolf was not mean. He started "feeding" him. The kid did not have much food so he threw buggers under his bed.

From that night the kid could dream everything he wanted. And with his sister he shared the most amazing stories each morning...

The kid was not afraid. He used to say thank you to the sun each morning for being so strong. He wanted to learn from him how to defeat darkness. 

One thing the kid learned...

Was not to be afraid. It is not a simple thing to do. Life will always show new "monsters".

Challenge them and with knowledge defeat them.

Have a great 4th all!

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