The Breath Center

I went to the Moksha Festival yesterday and it was a magical experience. Met a lot of great people! We danced, talked, listened, played...healed together...

The best part of the experience was for me the one offered by Michael Brian Baker:

 The Breath Center.

I got into the Aroma Hall of the Convention Center here in Los Angeles.

If you never been there the ceiling is really high and the room can fit about 100 people laying down on the floor. It was a full room.

Michael asked to put something over your eyes and to be in a place of absolute darkness: "Don't open your eyes" He said.

 All I had was a shirt and i said to myself: "Oh Well! If everyone will have their eyes closed I might as well just get this off and cover my eyes!"

The breathing work started and at the beginning it was cool....

Than the AC... the darkness... The unfamiliar space... The unknown sounds...

I got really cold... The intense breathing and sound of all the others breathing resonated in my mind and for some reason I was able to access a memory. It was me in my bed when I was little...

It was really cold and the more I was breathing the more I remembered that night. I did not like being there.

An impulse wanted me to open my eyes, get the shirt off my face and warm my body with it... But the memory was so clear that I wanted more of it.

I wanted to remember how I survived that one cold night and... it happened.

I started shaking. Just like more than 20 years ago I found myself shaking in this "darkness" and as I stopped caring about the "others" i realized that my body knew exactly how to react to that cold.  I was shaking hard and crying like a kid. The same kid of many years before. Praying to not dye like that.

After that I realized how cool that little kid was and I started smiling. With the smile a new sense of warmth embraced my body. My blood was now flowing correctly. 

I had an amazing experience. Not only I am thankful for what quit smoking got me into. Mostly for what the love for myself is bringing to me and the ones around me.