Today I've learned...

"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken"
‪Warren Buffet‬ 

Media will always try to sell you something. Not always it will be for your own good. 
They told me it was hard to quit when I was a kid. I said I could stop whenever I wanted...
I was smoking more than a pack a day. For more than 10 years. Don't let these "chains" limit your potential. Turn off crap media and invest in yourself.
‪Quit smoking‬ today. ‪Love‬ yourself everyday.
It took me 30 days in a row running uphill to break that habit. I wanted to feel the pain in my lungs.

So glad I did that.

To read all the kind messages of the people watching the VIDEOS I recorded is making me super happy tonight. Thanks! 
The ‪‎beard‬ is ‪proud‬ tonight! ^_^

P.S. When I was little I could not speak clearly. No one told me I was eating my own words. So to be on a camera it is for me a way to improve myself.